Founder & director

 Screen printing workshop with instructor Marsha Shaw of Mission Grafica

Screen printing workshop with instructor Marsha Shaw of Mission Grafica

Aver is a creative collective originating from a desire to find a way for my friends and me to stay productive and keep our creativity flowing. Our mission is as follows: We produce work based on a mutual quest for personal discovery and outward connection. Through collaborative publications, workshops, and projects we aim to explore new creative avenues within ourselves and the extended community our work connects us to.

As the founder and director of the collective, I’ve been able to bring together and work with multi-talented and skilled people I’m privileged to call friends.  


 Aver logo designed by Ty Lindemans

Aver logo designed by Ty Lindemans

To celebrate our inaugural zine release, I designed an embroidered patch of the Aver logo which I made using a CNC embroidery machine.


Among Aver’s projects is our ongoing collaboration with Pipetown Traders, a Washington DC based beer and wine bar and distributor. Obadiah Coffee and Ty Lindemans were the main contributors to this project.


Aver has also been hosting an ongoing series of workshops on screen printing and paper arts. Past public events include neighborhood mural tours and photography walks hosted by Aver members. These photos show an event led by Aver's Laura Cohen.


We have been releasing an annual zine, each with a different theme. The last two issues have been self published with screen printed covers, woodblock stamps, and colored pages, all done by hand by the memebrs of the collective.

We have been producing and gathering material for a future zine that incorporates a flexi-disc record, playable on a turntable.


Aver Zine Vol. 2 - The Bay Area Issue

When you live in a place, every step is informed by the landscape. Streets guide you; structures shelter you; mountains challenge you. The Bay Area offers a multitude of diverse experiences but as its residents, we're all working our way through the same topography: a huge, foggy fingerprint of skyscrapers, waves, and several thousand microclimates. In the pages of this zine, we reflect, refract, and reassemble our experiences, in order to share what the Bay Area means to us.


Aver Zine Vol. 3 - Monsters  

This edition delves into devils and demons through the mediums of poetry, prose, photography, collage, and sound. To conjure up an even spookier encounter, head to www.avercollective.bandcamp.com to listen to a spectral soundscape for this zine.


Big thanks to:

My fellow members of Aver Collective. To view their work, click on their photos to the left.

Jared Rusten, The Octopus Literary Salon, and the Musee Mecanique for hosting past events.

Marsha Shaw of Mission Grafica for hosting workshops and allowing us use of the print studio.